About Us

Beachcomber Boutiques are present in all hotels of the Group, offering guests an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories woven in timeless quality, comfort and elegance. Launched in 1985, Beachcomber Boutiques have been proudly carrying the flagship of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels for more than 35 years.

Enjoying a warm and chic setting dressed up with beautiful materials, Beachcomber Boutiques are inspired by the tropical Mauritian lifestyle. We offer, among other things, an exclusive selection of articles ranging from summer outfits, stylish swimwear and footwear as well as inspired accessories to give your looks a boost.

Driven by our sustainable goals, we lay emphasis on supporting local businesses and thus promoting < Made in Mauritius >.

As we always like to take our customers’ suggestions into consideration, we are pleased to bring our resort wear to you through our brand new online platform. By doing so, we hope you will be able to live a resort lifestyle every day.

Welcome to our Beachcomber Boutiques’ world and shop online!